Fassbinder Room

The Fassbinder room for 2 people is only 20 sqm in size. It is equipped with shower and toilet. It has a nice large bed and is equipped with a large flat screen TV and free internet access. The name comes from the fact that some original photographs (Ulrich Handl) from Fassbinder’s theater time hang in the room as well as in the anteroom. It is partly somewhat old-fashioned furnished (originally it should be called Spießer Zimmer), but still has a certain charm. Coffee, tea and a small selection of digestifs are an attention of the house.

Prices are calculated per day. Breakfast and daily cleaning are not included in the rate.
In the restaurant we offer breakfast daily from 8.00 a.m.

1 – 2 Days € 85,00
off 3 Days € 75,00
off 1 Week € 65,00