Golfclub Beuerberg e. V.

In 1982, while hiking with his then young children, a Swissman, Dr. Urs Zondler immediately fell in love with the incredibly breathtaking location of Gut Sterz farm in Beuerberg. Enjoying the Bavarian panoramic views, winding hills, and outstretched plains, Zondler decided to take on the challenge of turning this unique dream into the wonderous reality of a private golf club.

Members and guests instantly feel at home in Beuerberg, where a warm welcoming and a wonderful ambiance compliment a fine golf course. In the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, the visitors are first struck by the stunning mountain range and its views across the south- eastern tip of Germany.

Golf Club Beuerberg is famously known throughout Germany and abroad for its elegant club house, exquisite cuisine, and for the week of its summer tournament, “Golf Woche.” Hosting numerous high-class evening events and parties throughout the year, Golfclub Beuerberg is truly one of a kind.

The 18-hole championship course has always been rated as one of the best in Germany, as well as consistently featured within the top-100 rankings on the Continent. Ten years after its opening, Beuerberg was awarded as No. 1 in Germany and repeatedly voted as the most beautiful golf course in the Country. Beuerberg was ranked No. 54 of the top 100 European courses and No. 9 Golf Course in Germany for 2014-2015, chosen by Top 100 Golf Courses of the World. In 1992, Beuerberg also hosted the “European Ladies Open.”

The club’s focus on fine dining has been repeatedly awarded in the category „The best culinary offering“ by the „World of Leading Golf“.

Dr. Urs Zondler and founding members developed this private Golfclub for family and friends who share a sense of „savoir vivre“ and common values, such as appreciation and love for the environment, camaraderie, integrity, and a commitment to build strong long- lasting memories with one another. Our members come from all professions and walks of life, from economic leaders, to local entrepreneurs, actors, writers, and sports figures. Beuerberg provides an environment for all to enjoy, not only in togetherness, but within the intimacy and privacy of our club.

While golf and competitiveness are important, human relations and values like sportsmanship, kindness, and respect are the heart of the club.

Our dedication to be a place for the whole family is shown by our many members whom have grown up with us, first as part of our youth program, eventually maturing into full- members and carrying on Beuerberg’s legacy for their family’s generations to come.

To this day Urs and his wife Isolde, will invite new and potential members to a dinner, introducing them to the clubs’ unique atmosphere, and their first taste and experience of „Beuerberg’s Way of Life.”




Cart Fleet

The centerpiece of the club has always been the 18-hole course, its traditional clubhouse, and the restaurant’s grand terrace.

Nested in the magical alpine scenery between Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the championship course owes its popularity to its exceptionally charming design, fitting perfectly in the Bavarian moraine landscape and its native grasslands.

The property covering 119 hectares, gave architect Donald Harradine enough space for each fairway to be separated by long-established trees, lush marshes, numerous ponds, and flowing streams. Holes 1, 9 and 18 and the latter’s giant undulating double green are situated decoratively on a plateau in front of the clubhouse terrace, while the other holes are located on lower land, stretching across a relatively flat and slightly marshy area. The soft terrain is a joy to walk on, but makes the tricky PAR 74 course play longer, than its 6,848 yards might suggest. Especially memorable, are Hole 3 (Par 4) with its island green and Hole 14 (Par 3) with its fairytale-esque appearance and its many waterways winding throughout the line of play

The inviting clubhouse terrace faces out towards the course and the Alps, providing enough space to serve up to 250 guests. An ideal place to enjoy lunch in the sun, a romantic candlelight dinner, or host tournaments and special events.

Beuerberg’s eight tastefully furnished guestrooms are the perfect environment to spend a short stay away from home and also provide its guests with the convenience of fully enjoying the array of fine wines and spirits without having to worry about transportation.

Currently, management is in the process of developing more accommodations with the construction of tiny, yet luxurious homes. These are being built on selected grounds within the golf course, giving our members the possibility to sleep under the stars and wake up to a peaceful, quite environment surrounded by wonderous views. These tiny homes are designed, planned, and built with a minimal and sometimes positive impact on nature by taking advantage of all the natural resources specific to the location, such as sun, wind, and water.

Other amenities:

  • Massage Rooms
  • 2 Saunas
  • PowerplateState of the art Teaching-tools:
  • Trackman
  • Mikrotron Highspeed Camera
  • SAM-Putt Lab

The management strives to constantly improve the course and the amenities.


Since its opening, Beuerberg’s restaurant has been successfully managed by the owners Isolde and Dr. Urs Zondler. This in its time revolutionary feat, has insured consistent quality of food and service, as well as creating a familiar atmosphere between members as well as employees. The daily presence of Isolde, her dedication, love for detail, and good taste can be felt everywhere within the walls of the clubhouse.

Our team relies on the consistency and professionalism of our long-term employees, and the family structured environment is a key factor in the way Beuerberg is managed. Therefore, we are very proud of our seasoned staff returning year after year, sharing the love for the club, and creating lasting relationships with our members and guests.

During offseason, one of the six well renowned cooks is sent abroad on a culinary training tour for the restaurant to consistently expand its selection and offerings. Therefore, in addition to traditional Bavarian and regional dishes, new and changing international specialties are introduced to the menu. A broad wine list with witty comments by the host offers both top-quality wines from Switzerland, as well as rare and great vintages from the famous vineyards of Bordeaux and Tuscany at unmatched prices.

When Dr. Urs Zondler decided to create Golfclub Beuerberg, it was only the fifth course built in the south of Munich. Golf was still considered a very exclusive sport in Germany and very few had the opportunity to become a member of a golfclub.

This notion of forced exclusivity has since changed, with the creation of nearly sixty courses surrounding the city, and an ever-greater number of people taking the opportunity to play this wonderful game. This has inevitably led the various clubs to compete for potential members with one another. Many clubs have followed the route of cheap memberships and „good deals“ to aggressively fight for members, resulting in many clubs having a yearly changing membership structure.

Beuerberg has always held on to the idea of being a private club with selected longtime members who share the same ideals, values, and maintained trust in our USP without becoming a „Golf factory.”

The club has realized that our members are loyal to Beuerberg’s motto in which golf is important but living and appreciating life in its whole remains the main focus.

Nevertheless, management is aware the world is moving at a rapid pace and time has become a scarce good. For this reason, Golfclub Beuerberg is dedicated to finding new ways and means to make the game of golf faster, more accessible, and easier to learn. Through building new tee boxes, golfers can now play shorter holes, which makes the process of starting the game quicker and more motivating. The ability to play nine-hole tournaments after work, while enjoying first class evening events, gives our members and their guests the opportunity to benefit and appreciate the full Beuerberg experience even with limited amount of time at their disposal.

Golfclub Beuerberg has always had a strong connection with its surroundings and this sense of responsibility for the environment has only become stronger over time. The installation of solar panels to power our fleet of carts and banning of plastic straws are only two examples for our dedication to lessen our impact on nature. In the future, management is committed to lightening its footprint and strengthening its integration in the environment even further. Developing more biodiversity by planting fruit and nut trees along the course, increasing water and pasture quality, as well as sales of locally harvested products, such as fruits, honey, and deer meat within the restaurant are displaying our continued efforts towards more sustainability.

Dr. Urs and Isolde Zondler and the management are supported by a board consisting of five elected members. Their input and advice are greatly appreciated with all new developments and ideas pertaining to the club’s future. The board are long time members holding great interest in the club, it’s values as well as its development. This team forms the perfect link between the members and the management, creating an environment for ideas as well as innovations to flourish from all persons.

Restaurant-Manager Eric Hvizd is responsible for Beuerberg’s Service-Team. Head Professional, Christian Neumaier is leading the Golf Academy, and Head-Greenkeeper, Peter Bochnig completes the management team since several years.

To ensure perseverance through time and guarantee the uniqueness, values, and flair of the club are held up in the upcoming decades, the management has decided to develop and promote Leslie Schanz, PGA-Professional, former youth and club champion to Junior Manager. Having grown up and spent his entire professional life at the club, we are confident in Leslie that he has the talent and understanding of what makes Beuerberg special and the vision of how to lead the club to a brighter future.


Dr. Wolfgang Ruhwinkel


Robert Luebenoff